Blogger Tips and Tricks - Tips for New Blogger

Blogger Tips and Tricks – Tips for New Blogger

Blogger tips and tricks, Here are tips for new Blogger. It has always our aim to update our readers with first heard and unique content. After started to optimize your blog, amongst your first priorities should be to understand the loop holes of Blogger (even after being owned by Google) that really slow down the traffic rate of a blogger blog. One such loop hole is that the Blog homepage title appears before post titles in search listings. Since Google displays the first 66 characters thus due to the unnecessary occurrence of the blog homepage title causes the important keywords of the post titles to get chopped off.

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Blogger Tips and Tricks – Tips for New Blogger

Blogger Tips and Tricks – Tips for New Blogger

How to make Blog title appear after post title? Simply follow these steps,

Go To Blogger > Template > Edit HTML
Backup your template.

Search for,


Now replace it with the code below,

<data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageTitle/>

Done! Now upon review your blog in search results, you will find your blog title appearing after your post title. Further more the position changes will also occur in your browser tab.

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How to change blogger post template:

After choosing the best template for your blog. Download it and Extract it. The extracted folder may has some instruction regarding to the Template customization. If you have not used any template before then you should follow those instruction.

However if you know a little bit of HTML and CSS then you can easily customize the template by your self.

Customize the template and save it to a specific place, where you can easily find it while uploading it to your blog.

  • Sign in to your blogger account, and select the blog in which you want to install template.
  • Go to your Template > Backup / Restore. install blogger template
  • Now download your template incase you want to restore you template in the future.
  • Click on Choose File, and choose the customized template XML file from your computer. Then click on Upload button.

Now you done. You have a Blog with Eye Catching Design.