Fixes For Slow Computer - How Speed Up Your Computer

Fixes For Slow Computer – How Speed Up Your Computer

Learn about fixes for slow computer and how speed up your computer. Do you have a slow computer? This article is about how you can turn your computer much better. New computer works brilliantly but overtime as the computer starts getting old, its performance decreases. This decrease in performance could be due to various reasons such as downloading content from the internet, various adwares and spywares getting installed in your computer. There are various threats online that will target your computer and you won’t even know if your computer has been compromised.

Here are some tips that you can use to increase the performance of your slow computer.

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Fixes For Slow Computer – How Speed Up Your Computer

Fixes For Slow Computer – How Speed Up Your Computer

1. Cleaning Computer’s Windows Registry

There could be various errors and problems within the Windows Registry that could cause your computer to run slow. The adware, spywares and various other threats online, specifically target the Windows Registry. This leads to damaging and misplacing the files in the registry.

Cleaning of your Windows registry should be done everyday in order for your computer to run smooth. But be wary of the fact that if you don’t know what you are doing you should not be doing it yourself. There are important files within the Windows Registry which is needed for the operating system to run, if you mistakely delete any of those then it may seriously damage you PC.

To be on the safe side invest on high-quality Windows Registry Cleanup software. You will see the difference yourself after cleaning the registry everyday.

2. Remove Unwanted Files From Your PC

Temporary files get generated each time you use the internet on your PC. These temporary files are uses once and aren’t used again, but the do not get removed themselves. Overtime the files start getting cluttered with your computers files and this result in the decrease in performance.

You can delete these files yourself one at a time, but it will be much easier and quicker if you use a tool for it. Do this once a week and see the difference.

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3. Remove Programs You Don’t Use

Many people have the tendency to download different programs and check it every month. Do you use all the programs on a daily basis? Start removing those programs you hardly use, this way you can free up more space and also your computer performance will increase. Use the built-in feature that comes with your PC to remove programs. You can find the Add/Remove program on the Control Panel.

4. Empty Recycle Bin

When you delete a file or a program, it does not get deleted immediately. This deleted file will sit on the computer’s Recycle Bin. Each time you delete anything on your PC, it gets transferred to this location. Overtime, the files on the Bin can load up. Go ahead and start emptying the Recycle Bin, as not emptying the Bin can lead to your computer crashing frequently. This small work done each week can bring a drastic change in the computer’s performance.

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5. Perform a Disk Defragmentation

When it comes to storing of files Windows isn’t good. It splits up and start depositing files in whatever space they get. If the files are apart it will hard for the computer to make them run. Windows disk defragmentation tunes up all the pieces and get those files back together. Though it is a long process, it needs to be done. Consider doing it every 2-3 months in order to increase your computer performance.

6. Use a good Antivirus

This needs no explanation. Every day millions of computers are compromised, accounts hacked, and loads of data getting lost. Invest in a good anti-virus is so much important. This keep your computer safe as well as keeping your computer working in top condition.

Hope you uses these fixes for slow computer and apply this how speed up your computer technique.