How to Secure a Wifi Network - Secure Wi-Fi

How to Secure a Wifi Network – Secure Wi-Fi

We will talk about how to secure a wifi network and secure wi-fi. Now every type of work is done online, whether for chatting, sharing of media’s or for online transaction. So it is important that you use secure wifi vpn or you can secure wi-fi router, so that hackers will not be able to have access to it.

If you secure your wifi network the, you will also not have problem with your internet bandwidth connection or its download limit. Wifi connection can be accessible by anyone from anywhere within the range. Securing your wifi will not allow others to have access to your connection. By this, hackers will also not be able to sniff into your online data’s.

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Appropriate measaures should be taken so as to secure our network from hackers and not have any security loopholes. If you have not secured your wifi, the you are prone to attacks. Follow the tips in order to secure wi-fi.

How to Secure a Wifi Network – Secure Wi-Fi

How to Secure a Wifi Network – Secure Wi-Fi

1. Protect Your Router With Password

Securing your router network with a password is the first step towards keeping you device safe from unwanted users and hackers. You can do this process yourself or contact your service provider Internet (ISP). You can also use several some tools, settings or programs to keep your hidden wireless network and the password locked. By this, only you will be able to access the wifi without others able to access it.

2. Placement of Antenna

After password protecting your router, check the position of the router antenna. Keep it in such a location that its signal will be restricted and won’t go further than the area you desire. Do not place the antenna near a window because the glass can not stop its signals. Keep the router more inside the room.

3. Using WEP

WEP stands for Wireless Encryption Protocol. It is a technique used for encryption of traffic on a wireless network. Use WEP so as to prevent hackers from getting access to your wireless connection.

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4. Changing the SSID and Disabling SSID Broadcasting

SSID stands for Service Set Identify. This is the recognition thread used by the access point Wi – Fi with which customers are able to run connections. Each point has wireless access, you need to select a unique SSID which is not easy to decipher. In addition, hold the wire to the antenna SSID broadcast if you can. By doing this, your network won’t appear in other’s list of wifi networks, while you will still be able to use it.

5. Disable DHCP

Doing so, hackers will have to decode TCP/IP subnet mask settings as well as IP address to hack your wireless network.

6. Modify or Disable SNMP Settings

Eaither turn you SNMP settings to private or turn it off for good. To access your wireless network information, hackers will be able to access SNMP and have access to it.

7. Use Access Lists

To enhance the security of your wireless network and if your access point supports this feature, use an access list. An access list allows your wireless network device or router to determine precisely which machines is allowed to attach to an access point. Access points which include the access list can occasionally use a trivial file transfer protocol (TFTP) to download updated lists to avoid hackers.

How to Secure a Wifi Network – Secure Wi-Fi

8. Always keep you Antivirus Programs Up to Data

It is so much important to keep your antivirus and anti spyware programs updated. Doing so, it can detect latest malwares and spywares, that hackers can use to get into your network.

Hope you got enough information on how to secure a wifi network. We wish you safe and secure Wi-Fi time.