Tips and Tricks for Blogger - New Blogs

Tips and Tricks for Blogger – New Blogs

Have a new blogs, here are tips and tricks for blogger and why bloggers quit. There is no need to say that Blogging has really become very popular and ‘hot’ way of earning money online. While many people keep making a fortune from their blogs just from their living room, a lot of others get discouraged, and really quit blogging.

The major reason behind this is that some people actually don’t know how to avoid the pitfalls that accompany the field of blogging. Blogging just doesn’t mean creating content, posting links to Google and earning money in return. There’s a lot more to blogging. Take a look at the following reasons why people quit blogging. I hope this will help you to better learn to avoid those obstacles.

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Tips and Tricks for Blogger – New Blogs

Tips and Tricks for Blogger - New Blogs

No Proper SEO Optimization

A lot of bloggers don’t know about how to properly SEO optimize their blogs for users as well as search engines. They fail to increase user experience, reduce load time and make the blog search engine friendly. This results in very little or almost null traffic from search engines. At this point their blog stalls. Hence, most get discouraged. Such people should learn about how to optimize their blog.

Underestimating the Power of Social Networks

Literally a lot of bloggers underestimate the real power of social media in building blog traffic. They don’t know how much beneficial these can prove to be. You can simply can’t build a blog by just posting links to Google. They simply just don’t use the social channels at all or don’t use them properly. Some don’t share their content at all via Social Media, whereas others excessively promote their blogs almost to the effect of spamming.

Both of these should learn to properly make use of social media for promotion, or all their progress might stall as they will have no fans, regular readers, subscribers etc. which will ultimately lead to quitting of blogging and leaving their blog

Underestimating the Worth of Readership and Subscribers

Readership and subscribers are the most powerful thing a blog can ever have. If a blogger chooses to ignore his subscribers by not answering their queries, or answering their comments, they will ultimately leave his blog. Hence, the traffic and engagement between the readers and the admin will drop, and the blog will go back to as it was when it was started

Blogs websites – Tips for new bloggers – Why Bloggers Quit

Earning Lust

This is a real trap that everyone even the pros should avoid. This trap can badly ruin any Blogging career. The Blogger gets dreams about making really large sums of money from his new blogs. Now will either steal the focus of the Blogger from his blog itself, or it will induce the blogger to use each and every trick that he can find on the internet to boost his revenue, and this will include stuff like black-hatting, spam back linking, keyword stuffing, hidden text etc.

Now you might get away with it for some time and even earn some 500-1000$ but Google eventually will deliver the penalty, from which it is really very hard to recover. Some holes for webmasters made by the Google Panda aren’t recovered till today! Hence, a lot of people will quit in such circumstances.

Lack of Original and Quality Content

This is a really becoming a major issue these days. The quality and originality of blogs is reducing and copyright violators are increasing rapidly. Out of 250 million blogs today on the internet, even less than 1 millions blogs have unique, quality content.

The two most important ingredients in a blog are originality and then the quality. Lacking even one of these means that a visitor has little interest in the blog. This is main reason behind a lot of bloggers not getting traffic and readership and hence quitting. This is the most important Tips and Tricks for Blogger when starting a New Blog.

Valuing PageRank over Alexa

We have emphasized a lot on how we give more value to Alexa that to PR. Because PageRank just indicates the trust of Google on a website. But Alexa is a more accurate indicator of readership and traffic. But a lot of people keep their focus on PR, and building backlinking and all that kind of stuff, but actually ignore the important part that is building readership, traffic and most importantly Alexa.

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Ignoring Trending Topics

One of the basic rules in blogging is to talk about hot stuff. Always post about fresh and hot topics. It is one of the best ways to get traffic and engage your blog readers. Like for instance this post on Google PageRank Update Schedule 2013 got us on total 290 page views in just 4 days which really counts a lot.

A lot of blogs simply fail in attracting good traffic from search engines because they don’t discuss hot topics and latest news, and readers on that blog always find outdated content. We have talked to our readers about this as well. We got complains from a few readers about covering latest news on Google. This is the answer to them right here. Latest news are a must for any blog.

Act as a Journalist

This is point is from a competitors’ stand-point. Try to act like a journalist and try to deliver the news as soon as you heard it. If you deliver the fresh news fast and before your competitors, you will get the maximum effect of your hard work. You will ten attract a decent bunch of traffic. But reality is that a lot of bloggers don’t realize this thing which which most of the time makes their posts go just simply unnoticed.

Tips and Tricks for Blogger – New Blogs

No Goals

As a blogger, you should almost set up monthly goals for your blog that you have to achieve. For example, according to your niche, concentrate on one topic for at least a week, and write about it on all aspects. Or just set a goal to achieve this much subscribers, likes, posts etc. This will develop your blog little by little on all fronts relevant to your niche.

No Six-Month Targets

Another mistake a lot of bloggers make is that they don’t have any six-month, or a long-term strategy in mind. If you have taken blogging as more that a hobby, than its important for you to decide where you’re going, and where you actually want to go. Creating a strategy or some targets is important, otherwise a blog will surely fail, and this is one of the major reasons why many blogs shutdown.

These were the tips for new blogs websites and tips for new bloggers and why bloggers quit.